Monitoring & Facilities Management

Keeping Your Server Room Healthy

Server rooms are the heart of every company. Modac offers the optimal solution for Data Centre Monitoring. Keeping your servers in an optimal environment is essential. Having been in the computer facilities industry since 1985, we have developed the Axil Server Room Environment Monitoring and Control Facility that will monitor your server room 24/7.

Your IT department is able to receive notifications should the environmental conditions in your server room change. The notification will be received immediately by the 4 priority cell phone numbers loaded directly onto the Axil unit or via email. A further 200 numbers can be sub-loaded onto our base station to receive these notifications.

Our Base Station will log all alerts and control events for auditing purposes.

Environmental condition changes include:

Room Temperature


Water Detection

 Access & Security


The Control aspect of the Axil monitoring unit includes the remote cell phone activation and/or timed control of devices such as:

Other Facilities for monitoring and remote cell phone control




Call Centre Automation:


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