Micro DC

Micro Data Centre / Enviro-Rack

The Axil Micro Data Centre Cabinet is an easy solution for remote site offices. Pre-assembled andwired with air conditioners complete. The Axil Micro DC will fit through a standard doorway. This uniquedesign will house the UPS, battery packs, monitoring, and management system, fire suppression, DB,and no break bypass system without taking up any valuable rack space.

Axil Micro DC Cabinet - South Africa



Backup Power

Axil Micro DC Cabinet - South Africa


Access Control


Fire Suppression

Environment Monitoring

A GSM-based system that will link to all cabinet facilities and alert via text or email. Couple this with the PDU and UPS. SNMPTCP/IP web-based system to complete full monitoring. Up to 5-day built-in UPS. Alert on UPS, smoke, power, access, water leak,remote control of doors, emergency cooling.Also monitors theenvironment outside the cabinet.

Service maintenance anywhere in Southern Africa (1-5 Year warranty options available)

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