Fire Detection – Gas Extinguishing

Fire Detection and Protection for Data Centres

Server rooms represent the data hub of any business and therefore fire detection and suppression systems, in this space, should be a top priority. Server rooms are under enormous pressure to maintain operations without interruption. In the event of a catastrophic server room fire, a company may lose equipment, valuable company data, and possibly even human life.

Data Centre Fire Protection South Africa

Fires in server rooms are typically caused by faulty electrical circuits. Arson, corporate sabotage, and forces beyond our control such as lightning and power surges also increase the risk of fire. However, fire detection and suppression systems dramatically reduce these risks.

In the event of a fire, the most crucial step is early detection. Several advanced detectors are able to sense fire in its early stages and respond by sounding an alarm to warn people and by activating the fire suppression system. In your server room, the fire detection system’s main function is to warn you of a potential fire before it poses a real hazard and disrupts the normal flow of business.

The main server room fire suppression system of choice is a gas suppression system that:  doesn’t leave behind water or corrosive materials; is safe to use in occupied spaces; has minimal impact on the environment; and reaches extinguishing levels in the required time.

Benefits of fitting fire detection and suppression