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Safe and Secure Server Room Specialists

Dedicating a single room for server organization gives you a safe and secure environment for your critical information systems. In addition, centralizing your equipment to one location allows you to efficiently monitor operations and troubleshoot problems. Modac offers design and data centre installation solutions for any size of Data Centre, ranging from small Server Rooms to full Data Centres (level 1 to 4).

Data Centre and Server Room Design

We are Professional Certified data centre installers who will ensure crucial electrical installations are done to local and international requirements within single line or parallel redundant electrical design.

The installation of server rooms and computer equipment can be highly technical. When computer equipment is installed in a server room, the server racks must be properly grounded to ensure the equipment is not damaged in the event of a power surge or other electrical interference. Professional room installers should be experienced and certified to install electrical outlets, electrical wiring, and computer equipment.

When a Data Centre is designed, the air conditioning is crucial to keep the hot and cold air separate, this is done using the internationally recognised Hot isle Cold isle System for efficiency and redundancy.  Temperature and humidity levels must be kept constant to avoid reducing the life expectancy of the computer equipment.

Server Room Solutions:

Maintaining your Server Room

Protecting your server room is extremely important. In order for this protection to work as it should and when needed, all server room equipment should be serviced at least twice per annum, preferably every quarter. We offer maintenance contracts for small and medium server rooms. We also offer numerous maintenance contracts that you can read more about below.

Modac offers various services and maintenance options:

Our set response times for full maintenance are based on the site being in a major centre:
We service clients in all major cities in South Africa, incl. Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Maintenance is offered on all of the above mentioned equipment.

We are able to tailor make your maintenance contract to suit your specific requirements. Requirements and advice on solutions to maximise your Data Centre uptime.